Float finisher DM-1


  • Smoothing
  • Pre-mixed plasters
  • Traditional plasters
  • Scraping
  • Special surfaces treatments
  • Ceiling and suspended ceilings
  • Description

    MAC-EDIL float finisher is a modern machine which executes smoothing works binding operating economy with high production performance. Easy and intuitive to use, it results unrivalled in treating large surfaces and irreplaceable in the execution of daily medium surfaces.
    This system is marked by reliability, weightless and versatility. Machine’s components quality and building criteria are highly professional. We highlight how disc rotation in contact with wall is of great help in supporting hose weight.
    Various accessories, different types of discs and sponges and the possibility to vary speed allows operator to carry out both standard smoothing of traditional and pre-mixed plasters, as well as scraping, treatments and special surfaces (ceilings and substrates) with excellent performance.
    The machine is equipped with a useful and strong plastic container.

    Technical features

    230V 50/60Hz
    Motor (flexible unit)
    37V - 0,5kW
    Disc size
    ø 400mm
    Rotation speed (rpm)
    3 speeds 80-150
    Water tank
    Hose length
    16 mt
    Flexible unit weight
    Static unit weight
    Container size
    600x400x420 mm

    Standard equipment

    N°1 Driving disc
    N°1 Float disc for coarse plaster
    N°3 Assorted sponges
    N°1 Protection face mask
    Accessories box
    Use and maintenance manual
    Conformity declaration