Guns and lances

• Gun type 2

Panels gluing gun
cod. X114
Smoothing glue spraying type 1
cod. X098 (head)
Smoothing glue spraying type 2
cod. X120 (head)

• Plaster guns

Pre-mixed gun
cod. X 043 E
Pre-mixed gun
cod. X 043 D
Pre-mixed gun with extension
cod. X 043 F
Rubber nozzle (duse)
Ø 8 cod. PP028 - Ø 10 cod. PP029
Ø 12 cod. PP030 - Ø 14 cod. PP031
Ø 16 cod. PP045
Traditional plaster gun
cod. X 043 G
Hardened spout for traditional gun
cod. RT 092

•Gun for waterproof cement-based mortars and finishing

Finishing lances
cod. X 044 D
Finishing nozzles
Ø 6 cod. MI017 - Ø 8 cod. MI018
Ø 10 cod. MI019

Injection guns

Injection gun with pressure gauge
cod. X 011
Injection gun
cod. X 060
Injections iron spouts
cod. RT 040
Injections pressure switch
cod. X 059
Filling s pouts
cod. RT 199 - cod. RT 042
cod. RT 043 - cod. RT 091