The firm

Mac-edil di Dal Medico Massimo e Luca snc set up in 1989 to produce special machinery and equipment for the building industry, backed by the wide-ranging experience of Natalino Dal Medico in the building sector; within a short period the company entered national and international markets, operating with promptness and resolution.
Later, Massimo and Luca joined theri father with the aim of creating increasingly innovative high-quality products, very competitive and certainly well balanced in terms of good value of money. The young dynamic personnel of the company have established good relationships with the customers, based on reciprocal trust and respect.
The Float-finishing Machines and Plaster Sprayers are in great demand, and they stand out among competing products thanks to their more advanced technology and finish which make them particularly efficient and easily manageable.
Our organisation is young, dynamic and flexible - we manufacture high-quality products within a relatively short period of time.
For our products we offer appropriate technical assistance carried out by highly specialized.
It's also planned the possibility of rent according to rules to be specified in the contract.

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